What Is The League Of Extraordinary Husbands? The League Is All About Accountability & Personal Development For Husbands

Exclusive Mastermind Group

The League is a place where like minded husbands gather together to focus on one goal...to enhance & protect our marriages by becoming better husbands.

Your Accountability Partner

By joining the League, you now have what 90% of husbands don't have. A strong accountability partner willing and able to help you succeed as a husband.

Tools For Change

The League provides its members with highly effective tools for marriage enhancement. Most men aren't taught to be good husbands, now they can be.

Motivation& Encouragement

The League provides daily motivational videos and prayers that are intended to help you become stronger spiritual leaders for your marriage.

Your Safe Place

When you can't be vulnerable at home, you can be vulnerable in the League. In the League, you will never be judged...only challenged to become better.

A Band Of Warriors

We are all fighting together to protect, enhance and lead our marriages successfully. Join forces with other husbands and become a hero for your marriage.
Protect Your Marriage
As a husband, your marriage will only be as strong as you are. It is your responsibility to ensure that your marriage endures the hardships and stormy seasons. A healthy marriage is not guaranteed nor given...it is earned. Your marriage is under attack. Are you willing and able to protect it? If so, now is the time...now is the moment in history for you to make a difference. Become the hero that your marriage needs. Welcome to the League!

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What You Get With A League Membership

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

This is your time to be encouraged and challenged.

Private Facebook Forum

A completely safe and private forum for all members.

Daily Motivation & Prayers

Get encouragement sent directly to your phone daily.

Accountability Partners

Iron sharpens iron…time to get connected!

Personalized Skype Coaching

For those who desire more advanced guidance.

Weekly Challenges

Be challenged to grow, see if you can win.

Husband Hero Training’s

Find and develop your super power.

A Word From A Few Extraordinary Husbands

Choose Your Membership Package Our membership fees are low because we're not interested in your money, we're interested in saving your marriage

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    • 50 GB Storage
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    • 100 Mailboxes
    • 5 One-Click Apps
    • 25 Databases
    • 24/7 Support
    • Money back Guarantee
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  • Basic

    20.00 /month

    • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
    • Private Facebook Forum
    • Daily Motivation & Prayers via SMS
    • Accountability Partners
    • Weekly Challenges
    • Husband Hero Training's
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