The League provides these 4 things To our Members:


All husbands need the support of other healthy husbands. This private group will be a place to connect with other husbands who all have shared and common experiences. No more isolation. No more suffering in silence. Finally a place to be both vulnerable and masculine at the same time!


Husbands do better when they know how to do better. As a member of the League, you will get high quality and professional information in the form of husband strategy sessions, live video teachings and coaching.


It's extremely difficult and inefficient to hammer a nail with a screwdriver. Just like it is extremely difficult to be a husband without the proper tools and resources. As a member of the League, you will have access to the high quality and efficient recourses proven to enhance you role as a husband.


Accountability is probably the most important thing that healthy husbands have. You will be the average of the 3-5 men that you are the closest to. What would happen if you were connected to dozens or even hundreds of healthy husbands??? This mastermind group is designed to maximize the amount of accountability that you can have so that you have no excuse but to grow as a husband.

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$25 Per Month

This price covers everything listed above. You can cancel anytime.

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